Heads Together

by Zapruder Point

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Chicago-area home-recording addict Dan Phillips (a.k.a. Zapruder Point) inches into the sunlight with a full-band E.P. that recalls the stripped-down guitar pop of Dumptruck, the Plimsouls and the Feelies. Learned and recorded in one-night sessions, these songs deliver an un-fussy energy framed in ruthlessly economic arrangements and sweetened by soulful vocals. Featuring John Aselin on bass and Larry Brown on drums, Heads Together also boasts guest appearances by Liam Davis (ex-Frisbie) and Elizabeth Lindau (Canasta).


released 19 October 2010




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Zapruder Point Chicago, Illinois

If we're to believe the conventional wisdom that songs are king, then Zapruder Point delivers incontestably. You can hear traces of Elliott Smith or the Mountain Goats in Zapruder Point's forlorn, literate tunes. But the melancholy is kept in check thanks to a formative diet of late-80's college radio hooks and a gleeful tendency to chop songs down to their absolute kernels. ... more

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Track Name: The Oldies Station

we'll always have the oldies station
lest we forget
from d.c. 5 to the temptations
piled like pile carpet against the rough
stainless stuff

we'll always have a daydream nation
lest we nod off
and dinosaur's reverberations
sitting like sitting targets against the sky
blue sky

i really wasn't born to fight
but if you say let's rock and roll all night
my second wind arrives

we'll always have the oldies station
lest we forget
when our guitars are decorations
painted like painted ladies against the brick
miles thick
against the wall
calling us all
Track Name: Here Comes The Sun

our paper route would start at down
we'd cause the cracks in winter lawns
we'd form of something formed of ice
the wonder twins like satellites

back to our nickel gas fueled happy home
and chocolate served in styrofoam
and canned applause and cereal
and golden static radio

but now there's nothing left of the dial
i only hear you sing from files
we shine our stars with aerosol
and drown in never losing calls

october comes and we fall back
the storm windows still at half-mast
here comes the sun in all its might
but you can't tell me it's alright
Track Name: From Cleveland To Eternity

when you're from these parts you never start
you never hit a hit parade
when you're from this town you set sights down
to your feet and then fire away

but you don't think that's true
you don't think that's true
but what are you gonna do about it?

when you're from this place you save your face
by keeping it hidden away
in the midwest you must confess
you're never better than okay

but you don't think that's true
you don't think that's true
but what are you gonna do about it?
Track Name: Terrible Things

it's someone's birthday someone's house
not keeping quiet quiet
and it's better no better than what you could have hoped for
better no better than what you thought was in store

and all you seem to overhear
is how every year's an election year
and it gets no better than what you could have hoped for
better get better man

and you get tangled up
buried in a mash-up
as you recall terrible things
you used to say and also sing

so you count your pints to pass the time
and you keep it quiet inside
and it takes so many turns just to get loose
always a "gotta" never with a "get to"

and you paddle straight past
your fellow hearts of glass
as you recall terrible things
you used to say and also sing

is it too late to paddle back?
burning from track to track
could you recall amazing things
that you could say?
Track Name: The Shape Of The Machinery

at the end of the fever to win
something else surely begins
you run out of reasons to fight
something else surely alights

but seems just like every year's
an election year
as your temperatures settle and sigh
do you try?

from this far away all you see
is the shape of the machinery
how all those pistons should spin
will clear up the closer you're in

but you take such a wandering path
you don't do your math
so you hum and you muddle along
all those songs
that you will never write

is it you or the city that works?
you will not be sure
but your choice is to alphabetize
or to try
Track Name: You Are Not Your Own

lincoln married jessie in the winter of ’03
he was a skinny kid, they called it charity
and he might’ve gone out on her
and she might’ve done the same
but then soon enough you know a child came
so their house got a little louder
and their days got a little long
and they got annoyed by stupid things like songs
but he sensed that she was brighter
and she knew that he was strong
and in the end there wasn’t really nothing wrong

hey sing about it, you are not your own
hey sing about it, you are not your own

kenny was 15 with greasy hair and a greasy smile
in the lamest town within 100 miles
with a target and a subway
not a single record store
yeah, his parents couldn’t ask for nothing more
so one new year’s eve with a couple friends
just sitting around
in the basement with the tv counting down
they didn’t have a single
firecracker for to blow
so at midnight they just lay down in the road
with the stars singing...

hey sing about it, you are not your own
hey sing about it, you are not your own

carol took a pair of pills for every kid she’d raised
now they cycle through on holidays
with their kids and all their kisses
and their tools to fix tvs
always staying barely long enough to leave
summer’s air conditioning was yellowing her lawn
when carol heard the doorbell ringing on
it was the kid who brought her paper
said they’re discontinuing
“so this final bill is all that i can bring”

so on sunday...
the best day...
the lord’s day...
heavy late edition curled tightly in her fist
carol crosses where the signal is
but the paper’s slick with adverts
so it slips out of her hands
to the pavement like a fish stuck in the sand
and there go the cars’ impatient idling...
and there go the corner kids mumbling...
and there goes the signal changing back again...

hey sing about it, you are not your own
hey, sing about it, you are not your own