The Limitations of the Source Tape

by Zapruder Point

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dustraman From the co(c)ked-nose teenage bravery all the way down – w/all more adult stops – to the sour loserish shoe-gazing, this is just another tale of a modern-day Werther – without exaggerated histrionics leading to the grim end, but, instead, full of inner subtle psychological up-and-down tracery. Lyrics are lazily lambent, almost innately astute w/bitterly ironic pinpoint hits; and music is surprisingly solid & stylish for a yet actually unborn, DIY/one-man (at this stage) “band”. Gets ya hooked. Favorite track: Waiting For Chris.
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Originally a cassette dubbed and passed around Raleigh before Dan Zapruder left town (not to mention before the internet), The Limitations of the Source Tape is Zapruder Point's cheating-on-my-rock-band-with-a-four-track debut. A such, it boasts two or three years' worth of pent-up non-rock songwriting...and a good dose of the shakiness and self-indulgence typical of such projects. Sonically, the early Elliott Smith might be a good parallel, while thematically, Limitiations presages Ryan Adams' 29 in its grim reckoning of the twentysomething/slacker dream. This is easily Zapruder Point's most "emo" release, from the strained hopefulness of "Omigod" to the crude country kiss-off of "Capital Blvd," and on down to the more characteristic bleakness of "Dead to the World" and "Emergency Phones."


released March 1, 1999

"I am the Cancer" is a Sloan cover.




Zapruder Point Chicago, Illinois

In 1999, Dan Phillips created Zapruder Point, writing and recording under that alter ego / band name for 17 fruitful years in Chicago. Now settled in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, he’s begun to feel his way around his beautiful new city while performing as a solo acoustic act. Originally from Cleveland, he's performed with Bill Fox, Jason Molina, Bowerbirds and others. ... more

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Track Name: Your Silver Man's Retired

in your world
of managers and trainees
you manage some but mainly
you click your heels vainly
and write your letters plainly

from your den
where the chardonnay returns you
to wherever you return to
and you pray some day you'll learn to
not let things that burn you
get to you

when you lose
sight of how you landed
all polished up and sanded
a leftie gone right-handed
who begs but once demanded

when you find
your silver man's retired
then aluminum i'll wire
you can forge it in your fire
when you're nervous and you're tired
just don't humor me
Track Name: Specific Ocean

there's too much bread and not enough wine
we haven't a script but got a lot of lines
the water rose up to our knees
it flooded basements and batteries
time is short and faces are long
the spirit's weak and then the spirit's strong
so don't underestimate a man who's half-grown

there's no more hope in the radio
it pimps the new and defiles the old
there's nowhere to cook the windows are black
we'll talk until we get out power back
my suburban liberal-arts ass
never leapt into another class
but don't underestimate a man who's half-grown

there's broken homes on every side
some are mansions some are double-wides
the water's now so at our throats
i guess you could say we're in similar boats
but there's a sea specific to me
it's not a fate it's not a legacy
just don't underestimate a man who's half-grown
Track Name: Omigod

i made it to the final call
and the not-so-busy bodies in their stalls
they weren't even discussing me
but it seemed as pertinent as it could be

and when they whispered omigod
didn't sound much like my god
when they whispered omigod

i mean it no i'm glad you called
you rest me weary ears before they fall
asleep perchance to not return
and you think that you're rambling but i've learned

that when you whisper omigod
i believe it omigod
when you whisper omigod
Track Name: Waiting For Chris

eighties night with a dollar drafts
i said okay but these days i'd probably pass
just hurry over we could walk from here
you're looking tough looking so severe

you say give chris some time
'cause he's always fucking baked
he's friends with the door
so yeah i guess we'll wait

we traded shirts in the summer heat
yours was sorta wrinkled mine was rather neat

pause is that a galaxy
nah it's just my neighbor's s.u.v.
i spoiled my dinner on a half a dozen eph's
let's open up the fridge let's drink whatever's left

you leaned over
and your calvins showed
that's a code yeah i know
that's a code and i know

baby i think i need a little more

i've seen the best-dressed minds of generation crack
on twist-off caps first side second track

baby i think i need a little more

i'm just an inkling
i'm just an inkling but i need a little more

baby i think i need a little more
baby i think it's time for something more
Track Name: Fiberglass

sixty-seven in a thirty-five
when i hear this song i said
i really shouldn't drive
my friends had to agree
but did this discourage me
not at all

i was safely sheathed
and lying underneath
new year's day at dawn
her sisters still asleep
my hands up to her lips
but did this keep us quiet
not at all

why conjure forth
what can't be taken back
why piss on this
in favor of a that
what might seem soft as fur
itches so much worse
i don't know
Track Name: Drinking In My Fireman's Coat

wither the worth if i step out alone
firmly planted but not fully grown
a negative balance hit up for a loan
a month of sundays blown

sitting here standing up
drinking in my fireman's coat

heat rises so don't go upstairs
they're dishing the dirt in hairdresser chairs
reflective signs and smoke everywhere
apalling apalled stares

by the way i'm beautiful as well
even though it's kinda hard to tell
drinking in my fireman's coat
Track Name: Emergency Phones

installed so fast
designed to reassure
i saw them stretch
the shades of pretty girls
but eliot stays with me for hours after dinner
oh eliot you disappear under women’s fingers
aw eliot lighten up

and still i spy
ghosts of pretty girls
bruised in the light
of emergency phones
oh eliot it’s sure not as elegant as you’d like
oh eliot i’m not sure i’ll be much use tonight
eliot you’re too dense and they’re all out dropping like flies
eliot we’re dropping like flies
Track Name: The Humidity

bottles drain us through the drought
bottles fuel our cotton mouths
skinny smiles and broader pouts
serum swallowed lies come out

but maybe tonight
everything will be all right
as long as i'm right
for keeping my paws at my sides

bottles drain us through the drought
full ones finished empties crowd
bottles balanced legless now
but i could drain them all no doubt

so maybe tonight
i'll overlook my oversights
well am i so right
for keeping my paws on my sides

and the gasoline is in the air
and i feel like i'm in trouble here
and what else is up in there?

everything seems over-ripe
all right but all nights
get under-stated over time

and the gasoline is in the air
and it's not going anywhere
and the gasoline is in the air
and it's not going anywhere
and the gasoline is in the air
and the gasoline is in the air
and the gasoline is in the air
and baby what else is there
Track Name: Warless

no-one's acting normal
when the famous band arrives
they're at a table in the corner
drinking like to die
and some kids wanna touch them
but everyone holds fast
'cause this band sings
of judgment day
like it's already passed

on the day of my commencement
i had to drive all night
rewound to them on mix tapes
and swerved from side to side
and the singer's voice was steady as
the sun coming back
he said there's nothing to be ashamed of
when you're bad it's just a fact

the girls start drinking water
at about twelve forty-five
regaled by tales of travel
and careless with their strides
and the way the singer eyes them makes me
wanna go to war
but who'd i end up fucking or
fucking fighting for
Track Name: Capital Blvd.

there's this so-called work of art
down on capital boulevard
to miss it is kinda hard
but it's received with such slight regard

you had someone cut your hair
your roommate and best friend was there
you said her cramps were just too much to bear
well hey i tried to care

i know you're worried about my plans
hey my song's not a bar exam
but frankly i just don't give a damn
as i can barely make out your plans

they had to forward your picture post-card
i'm off of capital boulevard
parking lot for a back yard
but sorta near that so-called work of art
which is received with such slight regard
but it's received
Track Name: Senile Love Song

i might not remember this
when my mind's eighty-six'd

i bent to kiss your lips
and you leaned over me
we sat a few feet from your car
Track Name: Them

i wandered out with several friends
and the new girl
don't drop that pack it's all we have
too late but i said that's okay

let's sit out there play truth or dare
that is if none of y'all are scared
aw come on chris but we all did
it's not like a train's coming

and they smiled and tried
to find out who you liked
with bated breath and pounding chests
the dark gaps in each step

don't answer them
i didn't mean to sound so unquiet
but don't answer them
she said well yeah but either way they win

now they tense up when girls show up
in the west side pool halls
you call your shots and down they drop
underneath an ad for high life

and they smile and try
to find out why you're good
with bated breath and pounding chests
the eyes on every step

so don't answer them
i know your story and it wouldn't make much sense
don't answer them
remember beautiful
either way they win
Track Name: Dead To The World

i try to keep up my appearances
but your music shuts me in
every song is so familiar
though the memory is dim

number one in indiana
i really wish you'd followed through
it's so funny how distortion
can sound so clean when it's not new

now i co-mingle with aliens
the talking starts the thread gets lost
i try to find it with my guitar
but i'm just ripping you guys off

you're dead to everything but my world
dead to the world i can relate
dead to the world and that's no problem
dead to the world and that's okay
Track Name: Granted

his arms around your waist
as smoke fills up the place
the singer makes a face
and i'm no different

recognize me
just lift a finger
recognize me
just one once-over
the things he takes for granted kill me
the things he takes for granted kill me

he calls you frequently
you pick up hi it's me
you know him instantly
'cause he calls you often

recognize me
just lift a finger
recognize me
just one once-over
things taken for granted kill me
things taken for granted kill me