Low Resolution

by Zapruder Point

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Initially a double-CD, Low Resolution is a wide-eyed album about Chicago and music, quitting smoking and finding footing in a new place (both literally and psychologically). It's also the first flowering of Dan Zapruder as a (comparatvely) confident songwriting voice, a furious burst of creative output that many ZP fans still cite as their favorite of his albums. Having moved to the Windy City from North Carolina just a year and change earlier, ghosts and girlfriends past ("Cure for Isulin," "When We Did") collide with hopes for the future ("The Short List", "Already in Love"), while music itself is repeatedly called into question ("Background to Your Drunk", a cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star")...and, ultimately, championed ("Jay," "Big Sister (I Never Had)"). Succinctly titled, Low Resolution is a record of Zapruder Point resolving to stay in the game, two dozen snapshots of all the bumps and bruises it took to arrive.


released June 1, 2001

2001, mostly solo. Guest appearances: Casey Riordan Millard on violin, Scott Phillips on piano. Other instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, milk crate, fake drums. Recorded to 4-track, mixed by Mark Richardson, not mastered. 2007 reissue is single-disc where original was double, shorter by two songs and including lyrics and new tray/back cover art. One instrumental. Three covers: “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles, “Uhhh” by the Lemonheads, and “Gloria” by Laura Brannigan.




Zapruder Point Chicago, Illinois

In 1999, Dan Phillips created Zapruder Point, writing and recording under that alter ego / band name for 17 fruitful years in Chicago. Now settled in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati, he’s begun to feel his way around his beautiful new city while performing as a solo acoustic act. Originally from Cleveland, he's performed with Bill Fox, Jason Molina, Bowerbirds and others. ... more

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Track Name: Jay

any container in the rain
will fill right up with rain
will overflow with rain
if it's left out in the rain
if it's a long enough rain
she'll fill right up with rain

jay farrar
‘coz she gone and broke my heart
and it really really smarts
but it's good to hear you
jay farrar
because it's not a modern art
it's as old as mason jars
or any container

that i put out in the rain
she'll fill right up with rain
will overflow with rain
if i leave it in the rain
if it's a long enough rain
she'll fill right up with rain

jay farrar
because i haven't come that far
still filling up my heart
and draining it again
jay farrar
'coz in a world of mini-marts
it feels good to break your heart
and sew it up again
jay farrar
because i haven't come that far
i haven't come that far
i haven't come that far

any container in the rain
will fill right up with rain
will overflow with rain
Track Name: The Nod

the carpet burns your spring break tan
you ash into a coffee can
you got it good but goddamn
you're just a fraction of a man
you’re so in love with boredom now
but you'll get over that somehow
you’re so in love with boredom now
but you'll get over it

you take up indoor living
you practice bottle spinning
you wince to hear the neighbors sing
you think it's all up in your head
you keep the tape deck by the bed
but even that's unsteadying

you say in the beginning was the word
so why is this so hard
in the beginning was the word
why is this so hard
and you think that it’s so odd
to think you'd get the nod
and you think that it’s so odd
to think you'd ever get it
but in the beginning was the word
you can almost say it now
why don’t you start
Track Name: Jump Your Bones

gathering wool when you stepped on the train
midwestern eyes in designer frames
i return to my book and try to look sane
but it’s too late those images shape

should get you alone jump your bones
what an idea but it’s not my own
you could sharpen what’s dull and dull what had shone
should get you alone jump your bones no
Track Name: St. Something

city snow is very unforgiving
i got dirty soles a dollar book of dickens
while these dogs shiver with me
miles from any ocean

i gotta know i gotta know st. something
can i slow can i slow st. something
have i found you out
miles from any ocean
Track Name: Big Sister (I Never Had)

it’s hard to believe that you always had a smile
when all the shit i pulled was so juvenile
you’d pull me over when the others weren’t around
saying, “listen to this sound, listen to this sound”
but now i hit the search button on the radio
it sounds an alarm it’s so pitiful
these songs so grand from hearts so small
it’s like hearing nothing at all

and it’s hard to believe that you ever let me hang
with my flood-ready cords and my crooked bangs
but you’d sneak me stroh’s when the rentals weren’t around
saying, “listen to this sound, listen to this sound”
oh wow there’s nothing better than that first femmes tape
handed down when you had to graduate
and all that summer how it rang through the house
but things are way too quiet now

the grunge goddess with her brand-new chest
went and traded up from the trouser press
i know i shouldn’t care about the class of ninety-three
but i miss your CDs i miss you terribly
i know i’d get more dates if i didn’t date myself
don’t i know nothing i should never tell
‘bout how i plug myself into those realistic phones
i close my eyes and you’re still home
Track Name: Emergency Phones (Piano)

installed so fast
designed to reassure
i saw them stretch
the shades of pretty girls
but eliot stays with me for hours after dinner
oh eliot you disappear under women’s fingers
aw eliot lighten up

and still i spy
ghosts of pretty girls
bruised in the light
of emergency phones
oh eliot it’s sure not as elegant as you’d like
oh eliot i’m not sure i’ll be much use tonight
eliot you’re too dense and they’re all out dropping like flies
eliot we’re dropping like flies
Track Name: Already In Love

so when are we to lose this
godalmighty gloom
when’s it gonna clear up
spring can’t be too soon
just thought i’d ask i thought i was asking
but i shouldn’t ask so soon

most viewers polled
well-thumbed as rock ‘n’ roll
give their papers one more fold
and then another and so on until we grow old

so when am i to lose this
godawful regret
when will someone fill up
the hollows of my bed
just thought i’d ask i thought i was asking
but i shouldn’t ask just yet

most viewers polled
eating up the half-time shows
going once twice sold
what the hell would people like that even know

i’ve waited enough
for the dramatic return of
rolling eyes and back rubs
but who am i to say that i am not in love
already in love
Track Name: Renter

essentially a mix
of painted over and very poorly fixed
when did that beautiful bait get switched
now pushing thirty what a dirty trick
bit off the bottom of your sugar cone
you're just a renter and you'll never own

now in a town in a state
and in a scene without the room for debate
load up on lager 'til you level out your hate
and you can't feel it and it feels so great
Track Name: When We Did

post cards on a tack board
near and foreign climes
a set of sheets a mystery
perfectly designed

a candle with a short life
simmering by the bed
a set of thermals to remove
i kissed the freckles on your head

maybe you don't remember
maybe not as well
maybe that'd be preferable
‘cause i remember and it doesn't help
Track Name: What I Would Say On My Wedding Day

after watching him slide the ring
after eating expensive things
when the crowd starts gathering
with everyone listening

i know what i’d want to say
i know what i’d try to say

when the final reel has spun
hey that actress was twenty-one
when i remember i come undone
and i know that it’s dumb but

i know what i’d want to say
i know what i’d try to say
too late now is it too late now
Track Name: Hey Kid

go east on morton ave.
hey kid you just don’t know the half
so you could die tomorrow
but then again what if you don’t

they’ll call you dude and bro
they’ll slap your back and let you know
that girls don’t take notice
when they smile and make your stomach twist

it’ll happen whether you say
it’ll happen whether you don’t say

i know you get butterflies
as easily as i
she’s so pretty you could die
but you shouldn’t even try
Track Name: The Once & Future Horse

check that tin it’s tan and the rubber’s black
born in the midwest i took her back stepped on a crack oh no

sweet american roar
don’t it make your blue eyes sore
all the pros say “what’s that shit for?”
highjacking record stores, punk

sure as dollars soar and cities sprawl
current economic climate calls for swift withdrawal oh no

stay with me horse just stay
a lemon no one’s gonna taste
sweet american grace
all up in your face
Track Name: Devils In The Architecture

woke up with the devil today
laid in with details straight away
how will i work how will i get paid
so call me when you get in

the devil’s built into these archways
and once you spot him you can’t look away
i did my half i met you halfway
so call me when you get in
Track Name: Year Of The Cricket

well whatever happened to what was her name oh you know who
i think her song hit number two
back in the fall of 93 there weren't no-one as woe as me
i had to shoplift that CDs
and whosoever had the nerve back then
is whosoever gets the nerve again
without even trying

if she was there she'd a had me arrested
cricket got by on her wits and her wingspread
and to think that i wasn’t in love

but in the spring of ’95 working with her kept me alive
through all those customers so snide
how she suffered them with pride let perspiration be her guide
aided by some choice asides
and whosoever had the nerve before
is whosoever has the nerve once more
without even trying

she was too cool to be disinterested
cricket got by on her wits and her wingspread
then eventually she moved away
eventually she moved away
because she had to go away
Track Name: Blood Plus One

you say i'll wash and i say i'll dry
you say how was school i'll say alright
i see your look and you sigh
that one game show is about to start
you tousle my hair and break my heart
i'm gonna make a new scar
can't stay in can't go out
how far down is deep down

i waited 3 hours but he never came
he was at home playing video games
yeah i guess he was playing
prove to me it at all makes sense
show one scrap of evidence
either for or against
i’m not for or against
just my way of sorting things out
blood plus one makes me now
when I’m nowhere to be found
so how far down is deep down
i'll find out
Track Name: Good Will To Rogers Park

well they case you in a tux and ship you out to barrington
where they’ll pick their teeth with your bones when they're done
and you're nauseous for the rich kid trying to play the carefree son
you need a ride but otherwise you'd run

you feel like the last cracker jack in your shoebox studio
like a number broken up by decimals
check your mail and check your messages check your pockets nothing good
as the radio derides your neighborhood

back home backfires in the dark
good will to roger's park

you could say it doesn't bother you though it's hard to make that call
you could say it's got nothing to do at all
with the way you're curling up just like a flower in the fall
with the way you act all ways but natural
but then in a way that's natural

back home backfires in the dark
good will to roger's park
Track Name: Ghost Light

she wakes up her name and makeup smeared
without the nerve to face the mirror
cotton eyes head like a dropped cannonball
double shots final call
he refused her plain used her in the end she says

my certain sources say
i'll make it anyway
if certain sources stay
on all night
'coz someone might

holler hey attach the vacuum to the car
make it start but keep it parked
or make sure you cut along not across
that way no time'll get lost
all your glimmers get dimmer anyway no way

these certain sources say
i'll make it anyway
if certain sources stay
on all night
my ghost light
Track Name: Cure For Insulin

we used to slam 'em home six in a row
in front of the tv's glow
the damage and the control
but i felt so righteous so on a roll

i could not understand it
the way i covered for you
seemed so true i just couldn’t stand it

we used to pack ‘em tight on school nights
in a red-colored light-bulb’s light
sucking out all of the life
but i felt so privileged so outta sight

i could not understand it
the way you covered for me
seemed too sweet i just couldn't stand it
i'm gonna get you back
i'm gonna get you back for it
Track Name: Background To Your Drunk

poor dee she came down from DC
to play this show for free
she sings so quietly
to indies and to post-punks
she's just a background to their drunk

meanwhile standing in the aisle
the temporary smiles
teeth looking filed
perfumed bodies in the trunk
background to each others' drunks

you know all i really know
is when it's time to go
then i gotta go
can't lie a suitable reply
to where were you while we were getting high

but hey bro we paid good dough so
hey bro we want a show so
hell no your ship is sunk
i'm not a background to your drunk
Track Name: Silver Dollar Suite

oh but the public loves it
when they gotta go public
i don’t mind it a bit
just daydream about plummeting

through all the signs of fatigue
all the stuck cars and dead leaves
there’s not a cup of coffee
that could make me more agreeable

reading the shapes of stains left behind for me
digging for the rust within the sliver dollar suite

stop the presses print it
all the taken minutes
from summertime to Christmas
the city’s sure to forget it
and how i’ve grown to love it
when i gotta go public
don’t mind it a bit
just riding here above it all

savoring the fear i have why’d you cross the street
there’s gold within the rust within the silver dollar suite
Track Name: The Short List

so maybe this time next year
assuming that everyone you love's still here
maybe you won't worry yourself so sick
but honey that's a gift

then again maybe not
it’s just good to find good in what goodies you got
when you're starting to think with a flick of your wrist
you could easily split
know you'd be remiss
know you'd be sorely missed

take some water and rest
you're faring far better than you’d ever guess
and i could name a few things you probably should resist
but it's a real short list
you could handle it